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R&D  Team

As of June 2021, its R&D team consisted of 125 members, among which 13 have a Ph.D. degree and 75 have a master’s degree, including 1 qualified expert of the Chinese Society of Toxicology and 1 foreign expert in tumor pharmacology.

Lv mingqi

 Chief Medical Officer Awarded Ph. D in Physiology and Neurobiology from University of Connecticut

Has extensive experience in both academia and pharmaceutical industry with over 20 years of working experience in pharmaceutical companies,has extensive experience in FDA and NMPA for IND and NDA/BLA filing and defense. Led and developed large-scale clinical research on various drugs in the US, Europe, and China.

Li Jian

Deputy General Manager 、R&D Manager Awarded a PhD degree in microbiology from Nankai University in the PRC

Has approximately 15 years of experience in research and development of biopharmaceutics, responsible for the overall management, production, and research and development of the Pro-UK cell project as well as the strategic planning for our product research and development and overall management and planning of our upcoming pipeline. Previously served as the head of ongoing research projects and head of upstream technology research room of biological medicine research of Tasly Pharmaceutical Group. Has been a executive member of the 5th Council of China Medicinal Biotech Association  since November 2014 and a commissioner of the biotechnology pharmaceuticals professional commission  of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association  since July 2016.

Highly efficient biopharmaceutical full-process R&D capability and senior professional team