Epidemic Prevention and Stable Production | Recording the 432 Hours of Sticking to the Post at the Production Workshop

Epidemic Prevention and Stable Production | Recording the 432 Hours of Sticking to the Post at the Production Workshop

The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic has made the spring of 2020 exceptionally unique. Where there is an epidemic, there is an order. To prevent and control epidemic is to take responsibility. Epidemic prevention has not only become the most important social responsibility of enterprises, but also brought unprecedented challenges to Tasly Biopharma, which has high pharmaceutical manufacturing standards and huge tasks. A battle of “preventing epidemics and stabilizing production” has quietly begun.

During the Spring Festival, some Tasly Biopharma staff gave up accompanying their families and have been guarding the cells of twenty 20L reactors and one 300L reactor, watching and recording carefully. Yu Qinglin, the supervisor, led more than 20 employees including Gu Chaojie, Shen Yuanduo, Wang Zunqian, Zhang Mingming and Huo Enen to stick to their posts continuously around the clock with 4 people in one shift for over 432 hours by far. And their work continues.

Fermentation Work Section

In order for the cells to grow faster, Feng Shenglin of preparation department led the team members to make tedious liquid preparation work every day, with their working clothes always soaked in sweat. The three preparation staff worked continuously for 18 days and prepared 30,000L of culture medium without a day off work, to provide sufficient nutrition for the cells cultured by fermentation and support their growth.

Preparation Work Section

After the growth of cells, the production department needs to purify the protein. This work requires the transfer of 1 ton of fermented broth every day. During the Spring Festival, in the case of insufficient staff, the production department still completed a tough task — the transfer of 16 tons of fermentation broth.

Shao Hailing, the supervisor, often begins to work at 8: 00 in the morning. It is usually 15: 00 when she gets off work. She does not care about eating a bite, only to prepare for the work schedule tomorrow.

Purification Work Section

In order to prevent the epidemic in the workshop and protect the employees who were still on duty during the epidemic, the company cut off the fingerprint system of the workshop as soon as possible to avoid cross-infection of on-duty personnel.

Purification Work Section

At the same time, the company arranged to use 84 disinfectant for hourly disinfection of public areas such as workshop corridors, offices, and toilets, and took ultraviolet disinfection from time to time.

In addition, the necessities (disposable masks, latex gloves, 75% alcohol, etc.) during the epidemic were sorted out in general to ensure the use for subsequent production. And the disposable masks will be distributed to employees who stick to their posts during the epidemic to ensure they are protected.

The engineering department cleaned and disinfected the air conditioning system of the first-phase office building and the second-phase workshop, and cooperated to complete the workshop entrance screening, temperature measurement, and filling out forms. During the Spring Festival, process equipment personnel regularly inspected and maintained the production equipment in the workshop for 18 consecutive days.

Lu Binying, the supervisor of the workshop office, and the supervisors of various sections took responsibilities of daily health reporting. There were a large number of staff in production, about 130 people in total. Every day, they dealt with various statistics such as the physical condition, the situation of the personnel’s area, the return date, the contact situation and the rework arrangement of the personnel and so on. They had spent all day on non-stop phone calls and making forms. In spite of the heavy tasks and time constraints, they have provided effective and timely data support. Although they were not frontline fighters, they firmly secured the rear support.

The coronavirus epidemic is both a crisis and a test. Although it is coming aggressively, we still can defeat it in the shortest time and keep it under control, with the strong support from the country and all society, with all employees of Tasly Biopharma doing their best to fight.