Efficient and precise

marketing syste

Precision Marketing

Tasly Biopharma adopts the “market promotion + distribution and delivery” model for product sales and independently completes market expansion and academic promotion, and products are distributed and delivered to terminal customers through distributors with professional qualifications. Tasly Biopharma has established a systematic marketing management guarantee system which includes a full-time academic marketing team, a medical market team, and a business team, and each team is responsible for different tasks such as product marketing, market promotion, and distribution and delivery.

Accurate and real-time data sharing platform, efficient and mature marketing resource allocation

Establishment of real-time terminal customer portrait models and refined management depending on the analysis of the information from big data, completion of the flat layout of commercial channels, and efficiently matching marketing resources with the entire industrial chain.

Efficient establishment of accurate portraits of customers and patients and rational allocation of marketing resources

Perfect CRM system terminal grading and customer label management, mature management and control model for optimization of the configurations of terminal resources

Rational assessment of the effects of market resource allocation and strengthening the closed-loop management of value flow

Comprehensive marketing system and strong marketing capabilities, strengthened by the market recognition and sales channels of the parent company

Unique innovative drug 1+N+m marketing model


Complete thrombolytic treatment plan for myocardial infarction

Precise grading of target hospitals, formulation of plans for the development of high-potential hospitals, and accurate deployment of resources.


Vertical and deep four-level-interconnection treatment network

Continue to optimize the treatment pathway for STEMI patients, and transfer connection between hospitals and an oriented academic guidance of experts have been established


Promote and replicate 1+N+m (Central Hospital--N; County Hospital--m; Township Network Hospitals STEMI Collaborative Treatment Network Unit) marketing model nationwide

Continue to vertically promote the four-level-interconnection of “province-prefecture-county-township” network hospitals


Accurate and efficient market analysis and evaluation system

Construct a big data market analysis and evaluation system by using an accurate strategic map to achieve the efficiency of resource allocation and personnel matching, and rapidly improve the organizational effectiveness.

The core concept of STEMI treatment system is used as an example: