is the root that drives scientific and technological innovation

Interpretation of Values & Behavioral Capacity

Patient Focus

Serve the patients’ unmet need with a focus on quality of life

Maintain a sense of mission of serving patients, and continue to provide high-quality biotechnology solutions that meet the clinical needs of patients and clients as our mission.


Respect natural law
cherish life

Respect life and individual development, respect science and objective laws, value quality and safety, and care for life.


Think outside the box
push the boundary

Encourage every employee to make spontaneous and proactive innovation around the company’s business strategy, get past their limits and take on challenges, always maintain a learner’s mentality and continue to exceed expectations.


Focus on the core
pursue excellence

Insist on continuously deepening the professional fields with “craftsman spirit”, learn from the excellent experience of industry peers, be strict with themselves and follow industry-leading standards, and constantly pursue excellence.


Encourage speaking up
collaborate for win-win

Encourage open communication, and outspokenness. In cross-departmental cooperation, employees can adopt other perspectives, work together and cooperate for a win-win situation.


Be ethical and grateful
keep commitment

Integrity and honesty are the basic qualities of our employees. Being loyal to their duties and being grateful are the commitment and mindsets of our team and keeping promises is the company’s business principle.

Talent Development

Shared by all” as the company’s recruiting philosophy, encourage managers to stick to the management policy of “concentration, cohesion and soul shaping” and motivate employees to uphold the professional qualities of “benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and honesty” and a comprehensive understanding of themselves. The company has focused on cultivating professional, inclusive and innovative biotech talents with a global perspective through the “wise and far-sighted” series of development plans and talent inventory mechanism.

We encourage employees to lead their own career development.

Employees can explore deep in the professional field to enter into technical channels for further development, or can assume team management responsibilities to enter into the management channel.

The project management channel is the third path where employees can expand their management capabilities while establishing professional influence.

All the employees can combine with their own strengths and career development interests to flexibly choose the suitable development path.

Three major development channels for employees

Overall Salary Design Concept

The salary concept of Tasly Biopharma is performance-oriented with value creation as the core to provide employees with market-competitive and incentive compensation. To achieve the core goals of human resource management–value creation, value evaluation and value distribution.


Value Proposition of Total Compensation

Achieving the goal of realizing the company’s strategies with the core of value creation, to establish an innovative biologics platform that can attract talents and benefit more patients and care for millions of lives. s.


Monthly basic salary

Monthly target performance bonus

Annual target performance bonus

Transportation allowance

Holiday allowance

High temperature benefits

Working meal

Recognition and motivation


Accident risk

Personal protection

Major diseases

Outpatient care

Hospitalization care

Annual physical exam


Annual leave

Flexible working hours

Team building activities

Special care

Nursery room


Vocational training

Professional Training

Career development channel

Job rotation with training

Leadership improvement


Statutory social welfare


Medical insurance

Unemployment insurance

Maternity Insurance

Work-related injury insurance

Provident fund