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Indications —— Brain gliomas

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Brain gliomas are highly malignant tumors for which there are currently no effective treatments except for chemoradiotherapy and surgery. B2068’s design target 1 is a completely new target protein which is highly expressed in the brain glioma, with its expression positively correlated to the degree of tumor malignancy. B2068 produces a targeted killing effect on the tumor cells by targeting this protein. Design target 2 activates immune cells by simulating immune co-stimulators to improve the tumor micro-environment. It works in conjunction with target 1 to produce a synergistic anti-tumor effect.
 Next important events and time points
It is anticipated that preclinical pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and safety evaluation studies will be initiated in the first quarter of 2022, and an IND application will be filed in the first quarter of 2023.