Oncology and Autoimmune Diseases


Indications——PNH、MG、aHUS、NMOSD and other autoimmune diseases

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Research progress

Pre-clinical research

Potential Advantages

B2067-2, derived through screening of phage display antibody (PDA) libraries, is a fully-human antibody that targets pivotal factor C5 of the complement system’s signaling pathway. Benchmarked against the world’s best-selling orphan drug Eculizumab during the process of screening, B2607-2 had the same level of affinity and in vitro function. In view of China’s orphan drug policy, the current indications of Eculizumab were preferably selected for the clinical development of B2607-2 to seek priority review for rapid marketing. The product is expected to expand to the treatment of a variety of complement system-related autoimmune diseases.
Next important events and time points
It is anticipated that preclinical pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and safety evaluation studies will be initiated in the first quarter of 2022, and an IND application will be filed in the first quarter of 2023.