Oncology and Autoimmune Diseases


Indication——Advanced malignant solid tumors

资源 39

Research progress

Druggability Development Stage

Potential Advantages

(1) PD-L1/OX-40 dual-targeting antibody simultaneously targets the target tumor cells and the T cell recruitment site to serve as bridge and re-direct the T cells towards tumor cells, thereby preventing the tumor cells from escaping. Likewise, the antibody targets the immune checkpoint inhibitor (releasing the ‘brake’ of the immune system) and the immune checkpoint activator (slamming down the ‘accelerator’) simultaneously to achieve maximum activation of the autoimmune system; (2) Recruits T cells into the tumor tissue through its bifunctional antibody properties, thereby producing a greater tumor-killing effect; (3) A product yield of more than 6 g/L, which significantly improves the production capacity and reduces the production cost, thereby raising competitiveness;