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Chairman of the Board of Tasly Holding Group

Chairman of Tasly Pharmaceutical Group

Chairman of Tasly Biopharma

Yan Kaijing

Distinguished Customers, Partners and Friends,

Your attention and support to Tasly Biopharma are greatly appreciated.

Being a leading innovative biomedical company in China established in 2001, Tasly Biopharma has always maintained a momentum of strong and sustainable growth in this ever-changing pharmaceutical industry None of this would be possible without considerate protection of all levels of governments and organizations, generous support of Tasly Group and our partners, love and attention of numerous healthcare workers and the trust of the majority of users.

With a mission of “serving the wellbeing of patients around the world through leading advancement in biomedical technologies”, Tasly Biopharma has drawn up a blueprint for “becoming China’s most trusted biomedical technologies treatment provider covering major disease areas”. It pursues the values of “Patient Focus: Serve the patients’ unmet needs with a focus on quality of life” and “integrity, reverence, professionalism, innovation and inclusiveness”. The mission and vision of “benefiting people” have brought strong value recognition and helped us to forge ahead without any hesitation at any time.

We have been focusing on three major therapeutic areas, namely, cardiovascular diseases, oncology and autoimmune diseases, and alimentary tract and metabolism. With thrombotic disorders at the core and clinical needs as the guide, the product layout of our company is specifically devised for the treatment of key links and blank areas. Meanwhile, we adhere to the “four-in-one” research and development model of independent research and development, product introduction, joint research and development and licensing priority in investment market, in order to build a product line system with international competitive edges. Through grafting and internalization of core capabilities, Tasly Biopharma is developing a system advantage of independent research and development, from product innovation to scientific research platform innovation, from “Chinese innovation” to “global innovation”. In this way, it is continuously moving towards an international and integrated commercialization platform of biologics that is driven by research and development of innovative drugs.

At present, the health awareness of the whole society has been raised to an unprecedented height with more urgent and diverse health needs. The cross-over of life sciences with digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data is now leading to profound changes in medicine and also brings more possibilities to life. We will deeply embrace technological changes to promote the iteration and evolution of products. At the same time, we will strive to provide first-in-class/best-in-class biologic drugs with affordable prices to Chinese patients, addressing their growing unmet clinical needs in our therapeutic areas.

Over 20 years, Tasly Biopharma has continuously accumulated its strength and gained momentum. We have never stopped pursuing innovation, from original research and inventions to improvements in applied technology, to help more patients alleviate pain and restore health.